Ofli Cameras

Awarded top 10 action camera of 2019

“All Olfi action cameras and accessories are deeply considered for each type of user. Every camera comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. #onelifefilmit.”

Jenny is proudly sponsored by Olfi Cameras to capture her training action and bike activities.

The Olfi Cameras are a mega bit of kit, they are small and lightweight, they utilise the same mounting equipment as a Go Pro but are half the price, they come with an app to easily download and edit your videos. I’ve used the cameras MTBking, on the race bike and even in the workshop to help me repair a motorcycle, as the little camera can get to look at places I can’t see but can then view on my phone via the app.  They are a great little cameras that can be used for all sorts, I can’t recommend them enough.

Jenny Tinmouth image by Matt Welch
Jenny Tinmouth