Steve Bradley

Chief Mechanic


Steve (Brad) Bradley, became a motorcycle mechanic at the age of 17, working initially for a Chester based dealership but was quickly snapped up by a 250 and 350 Grand Prix racer. As a GP race mechanic Steve traveled around Europe for a full year during the 1976 Grand Prix race season.


Steve’s obvious talent for bike mechanics meant he was soon poached by a French GP racer and it was not long before Steve was offered a full time job as mechanic for the Frenchman but at such a young age Steve found the thought of living abroad for long periods a daunting prospect and accepted a increased pay offer for his old job at his former employers in Chester.


Steve was vital in the development of the relatively young motorcycle dealership, implementing vital improvements to the workshop and business as a whole and ultimately managing the workshop as foreman.

Steve served 30 years within the company in which time he attended many manufacture training courses, including all the major Japanese manufacturers, BMW and Triumph. He was also the head MOT tester and quality controller. As Foreman Steve managed all aspects of the workshop, from the ordering of stock to maintaining work flow.


Steve has a vast amount of experience, he has worked on hundreds if not thousands of bikes during his career, working on every possible type and encountered every possible problem, there’s pretty much nothing he doesn’t know and we quite often find ourselves with bikes from other dealers and from friends in the the trade who know they can turn to us